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2020 Annual Meeting Materials

Held on Friday, May 8, 2020 at 10:00 am ET

In light of public health concerns regarding the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) the Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held virtually at the below link:
Notice to Shareholders of Change of Meeting Location

Online Voting

Shareholders may vote at the meeting, by mail, by phone or through the Internet. Please refer to your proxy materials for specific voting instructions. For the convenience of our shareholders, below are links to the on-line voting services for registered and beneficial shareholders.

Registered Shareholders – If you hold a physical stock certificate or otherwise have shares registered in your name with our transfer agent, Broadridge, you may vote your shares through

Beneficial or "Street Name" Shareholders – If you hold your shares though a broker, bank or other nominee, you are known as beneficial or "street name" shareholders. You may vote your shares through

For either a Registered Shareholder or Beneficial Shareholder, in order to vote you will need access numbers which will be provided to you in your proxy materials.

We are pleased to offer to our shareholders the benefits and convenience of electronic delivery of proxy materials for future shareholder meetings, including:

  • Online delivery of the Proxy Statement, Annual Report, and related materials
  • Reduction of the amount of mail shareholders receive
  • Reduction of the Company's printing and mailing costs associated with more traditional delivery methods

You may register for this feature when you vote your shares online using either of the links listed above.