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Doing what is right, because it is right and because it makes good business sense.

At Teradyne, we are committed to honest, legal and ethical business practices and good, transparent corporate governance. Our corporate guidelines and practices are designed to ensure that the company is managed for the long-term benefit of its shareholders. Our Code of Conduct guides the actions of our employees, officers, directors and business partners, ensuring consistent and uncompromising integrity as we build trusted relationships around the world. These commitments include environmental responsibility, upholding the human rights of workers and providing a safe and healthy work environment. The information on this web site reinforces that commitment.

We encourage anyone (including employees, contractors, suppliers, distributors, and customers) to report in good faith any issues or concerns about potential ethical, legal, or regulatory violations, including improper or unethical business practices such as fraud or bribery.

If you have any questions after reviewing the material on this web site, please contact:

Andrew Blanchard
Vice President of Corporate Relations
(978) 370-2425