Teradyne Announces UltraSerial60G, First Automatic Test Instrument to Test New Generation of Semiconductor Chips for 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Automotive Applications

New 60Gbps solution expands on Teradyne’s UltraFLEX test system’s capabilities  

NORTH READING, Mass., Nov. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Teradyne, Inc. (NYSE:TER), a leading supplier of automated test solutions, announced today the release of the UltraSerial60G, the industry’s first test solution with the ability to test 60Gbps serial interfaces in 5G, automotive and networking.

The UltraSerial60G is an addition to Teradyne’s UltraFLEX platform and expands the platform’s capabilities, enabling customers to test their device at the target data rate in the device’s mission mode to ensure it meets the most demanding standards.

The UltraSerial60G simplifies design-for-test processes and shortens new device bring up time. The solution features leading high test parallelism with support for both NRZ and PAM4 serial communications protocols.

“The UltraFLEX platform continues to evolve to pioneer new capabilities and keep pace with our customers’ needs,” said Yi Zhang, Product Marketing Manager at Teradyne. “Our support for PAM4 is especially important for the industry as many vendors are utilizing it for the next several generations of high-speed interfaces.”

The UltraSerial60G instrument contains 32 differential transmitters and 32 differential receivers that can generate and measure NRZ data at up to 32Gbps and PAM4 data at up to 60 Gbps. Each differential receiver has a 25GHz bandwidth digitizer that allows bench-top test quality with no additional DIB circuitry. The instrument also features a bits-to-RF test capability in a single insertion for the next generation 5G RF devices.

The UltraSerial60G is supported by IG-XL, the leading ATE test software, for rapid program development.

The UltraSerial60G instrument is now available for customer orders. More information can be found at the Teradyne website:  https://www.teradyne.com/products/test-solutions/semiconductor-test/ultraserial60g.

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Andy Blanchard
VP Corporate Communications
Teradyne, Inc.


Source: Teradyne, Inc.