Teradyne Expands J750 Market Coverage with LCD Driver Test Solution

NORTH READING, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Teradyne, Inc. (NYSE:TER) introduces a LCD Driver instrument solution that extends the J750Ex-HD test coverage for the mobile display driver test market. Teradyne’s LCD Solution is a focused instrument that provides improved cost-of-test economics compared to competitive systems for Display Drivers (DDI) and emerging Touch Display Driver Integration devices (TDDI). It can be ordered as a standard J750 system option or easily upgraded to on over 1,000 J750 systems installed at Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) facilities worldwide.

Multiple mobile display driver semiconductor companies have realized improved cost-of-test when releasing devices into volume production with the LCD solution compared to alternative automatic test equipment (ATE). Teradyne has also received several multi-system orders from OSATs which are now running volume production.

“The LCD Driver market is extremely cost sensitive. Therefore, we designed the LCD solution to take advantage of the J750 platform’s small footprint, high throughput and low cost-of-ownership,” said Jason Zee, General Manager of Teradyne’s Consumer Business Unit. ”The result is an instrument solution that reduces cost-of-test for mobile display drivers and an instrument architecture that addresses current and emerging display driver test requirements, including TDDI. TDDI is a key trend to enable lower cost and improved user experience within the smartphone market over the midterm”

“IHS forecasts TDDI shipments to increase from 2.6 million in 2015 to 89.3 million in 2020,” says Display Driver Market Analyst Tadashi Uno, HIS.

Teradyne LCD Test Solution for J750Ex-HD

Teradyne’s LCD Test Solution includes up to 2,416-measurement channels for LCD source driver testing, a high-speed instrument for serial display interface test such as MIPI, plus graphical debug tools for grayscale measurement analysis within J750’s IG-XL software. New J750 system features include background DSP designed to reduce the test time for computational intensive tasks such as the grayscale measurements. For display devices with embedded memory, the J750 includes memory and concurrent test options designed to enable the memory block to be tested in parallel with other device logic to increase overall test cell throughput and lower cost of test. Finally, as TDDI adoption increases, driving the need for a touch sensor test capability, the J750 High Density Converter Test Option (HD CTO)can easily be added to the J750. The instrument is widely deployed for discrete touchscreen controller testing at multiple semiconductor companies.

About Teradyne

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