Teradyne Introduces New Options Designed for Testing Automotive and Power Management Electronics

New instrument options enable the Teradyne UltraFLEX test solution to economically address higher voltage power management devices.

NORTH READING, Mass., Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Teradyne, Inc. (NYSE:TER), a leading supplier of automated test solutions, announced today the release of the DC80+ and DCMUX options for the Teradyne UltraFLEX test system. The DC80+ and DCMUX enable the UltraFLEX to address a wider range of highly integrated power management and automotive devices used in vehicle electronics. These instruments are part of a continuing effort to address emerging test requirements and ensure the UltraFLEX platform stays ahead of technology development by adding new DC, digital and RF options to existing test capacity.

The DC80+ expands the capability of existing DC power options on the UltraFLEX, with voltage coverage from -30V to 80V. It also offers current pulse capability over the entire voltage range. An enhanced voltage metering capability provides measurement accuracy of 100uV or better for critical reference voltage trimming. The DC80+ is also a drop-in replacement for the existing DC30 option in the UltraFLEX, allowing new capability while running existing test programs on either DC80+ or DC30.

The new DCMUX provides switching capability to 160 different device pins using proprietary technology to maintain low current leakage and prevent relay hot-switching damage. It can be used with either the DC80+ or the existing DC30 and UVI80 options.

“Teradyne remains focused on increasing the range of devices that can be tested on the UltraFLEX," said Ken Lanier, Complex SOC Business Unit Manager at Teradyne. “This includes not only new instrumentation like the DC80+ and DCMUX, but also enhancements to the IG-XL programming environment that will add new capability while continuing to run existing test programs.”

The DC80+ and DCMUX are available for immediate delivery.

About Teradyne

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Andy Blanchard
VP Corporate Communications
Teradyne, Inc.


Source: Teradyne, Inc.