Teradyne Marks the 6,000th J750 Semiconductor Test System Shipment with Ardentec

NORTH READING, Mass., Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Teradyne, Inc. (NASDAQ: TER), a leader in semiconductor automated test solutions, announced the 6,000th shipment of the J750 family of semiconductor testers. The J750 family includes wafer sort and final test solutions for Microcontroller Units (MCUs), wireless devices and image sensors. Ardentec, with one of the largest installed bases of J750 testers, received Teradyne’s 6,000th shipment.

J750 Test System
Teradyne has announced the 6,000th shipment of the J750 family of semiconductor testers.

Teradyne’s J750 family is the world leading MCU device testing solution for automotive and consumer applications and the worldwide leader in image sensor testing. The scalability of the test system makes it ideal for the low cost devices with increasing feature integration and extending to fingerprint sensors, MEMS and MCU’s wireless capability supporting Internet of Things (IoT).

“The J750 is a proven solution in the MCU market,” said Chi-Ming Chang, vice chairman and president, Ardentec. “The ‘zero footprint’ of the J750 enables us to maximize our test floor space to increase capacity, while the higher multisite throughput enables reduced test costs. That’s a successful combination for any test environment and we’re pleased to accept this shipment that represents such a significant milestone for Teradyne.”

The J750 family operates using IG-XLTM software platform for rapid program development that automatically scales to support multisite testing saving significant development time and cost. 

“Teradyne is delighted to achieve this significant milestone with Ardentec. Since 2004, Ardentec has relied on Teradyne's J750 test system to address the evolving demands of their customers," said Ty Akin, vice president of global sales at Teradyne. With its wide range of instrumentation, the J750 serves a broad market and range of devices for MCU automotive and IOT applications. The J750 platform running on Teradyne IG-XL software reduces test engineering efforts and helps our customers achieve the best test economics on schedule despite increasing device complexities and market pressures."

Teradyne’s J750 family is the industry standard for test quality while semiconductor manufacturers pursue zero-defect goals combined with multisite throughput. With an installed base now over 6,000, the test systems are widely available at more than 50 Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) locations and are supported by a complete set of production interface solutions for wafer sort and final test.

To learn more, click on this product link: J750 family or contact your local Teradyne sales office for additional information.

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